12 Via Mercalli, Settimo Milanese, MI 20019, Italia

Original Birth

Italian manufacturer of Stabiliser bars , Rubber and Rubber to Metal Bushes, Suspension Arms,
Clutch Pedal Quadrants, Axle and Steering Rubber Boots, Thermostat Flanges, Timing Chain Kits, Gear Rods and Accessories,
Wheel Hubs, Water Tanks, Gearbox Mounts, Engine Mounts, Strut Buffers, Steering and Suspension Ball Joints,
Axial Joints, Muffler Retaining, Suspension Bar Links, Water Hoses, Fuel Hoses

For more than 30 years Original Birth makes the difference among the automotive market on innovation and constant search of quality.

The concepts of quality at Original Birth are:

* Continuous search of innovation
* Identification of exclusive patents
* Laboratory tests aimed at getting the highest performances
* Efficient and safety production
* Accurate management of orders
* Ensuring transparency and confidence to all partners, suppliers, distributors and final customers

To sum up, for our company quality is the normal main theme that we apply to every stage and level.

Results reached by Original Birth are clearly identified through its figures:

* Total surface of 47.000 sqm
* 11.000 sqm of covered surface
* Supplying customers in 42 countries in 5 continents

http://www.birth.it/it/ (http://www.birth.it/it/)

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