12 Via Mercalli, Settimo Milanese, MI 20019, Italia


Today InterCar is one of the major players at a global level in the production of brake discs for motorcars, for both the first equipment and the After Market. It offers a complete service from Design Engineering through to the marking of finished products and the personalisation and management of packaging.

The Company was founded in 1971 by Vittorio Palazzani as CAR – Costruzioni Autoricambi and its history and success are strictly linked to a cautious strategy of innovation and solid financial stability, as drivers underlying its development.


In 2001, following the merger between CAR and Inter Brakes, the Company changed its name to InterCar and joined forces with the OMR Group (Officine Meccaniche Rezzatesi), and reached annual production levels of more than 5 million discs.


"To be a producer with an added value": this is the principle which inspired the founder and still guides all the people within the Company on a daily basis, in all activities, to respond promptly to the requirements of the market. Specifically this means managing every phase of the production process internally with highly qualified staff and the use of technologically advanced systems to capitalise on the know-how acquired by the Company over the years.


By combining expertise and a unique know-how, InterCar is able to ensure a significant production capacity and offer high quality personalised solutions with an excellent time to market. The Company sees the development of innovative configurations as a powerful competitive driver which derives its strength from the synergy between the specialist skills of the production department and the know-how of the R&D division: once the product specifications have been defined, a dedicated internal Team develops customised solutions, in close collaboration with Customers.


Reliability, responsibility and an ethical approach in its work, full respect for the commitments it undertakes, the utmost focus on the creation of added value for its Customers and the search for new growth opportunities are the cornerstones which have led to InterCar consolidating positive relationships with the main players in the Automotive sector.

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