12 Via Mercalli, Settimo Milanese, MI 20019, Italia

Colombo & Bariani

Colombo & Bariani was founded in 1934 as a factory for the production of camshafts and gears.

During over 70 years of activity, Colombo & Bariani has been supplying, since their foundation, historical companies and leader trademarks of the sports cars sector, such as Abarth, Autodelta, Alfa-Lancia Corse, Osca-Maserati, FPT Fiat Powertrain, Piaggio and many more, also supplying camshafts for Lamborghini engines employed in Formula 1.


In the course of the years, from a factory producing parts intended for the spare parts sector, the company has developed itself also towards sporting applications by supporting teams during the elaboration of rally cars, speed on the motor racing track, off-road races and set ups intended for vintage cars. The outstanding experience gained in the course of decades has allowed Colombo & Bariani to warrant the best advice in the research, designing and choice of camshaft profiles related to the intended use. Best softwares, numerical control machine tools, craftsmanlike care, consolidated working processes and a knowledge of all problems related to camshafts for industrial or racing usage make of Colombo & Bariani the ideal choice for any need linked to cam motion.

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