12 Via Mercalli, Settimo Milanese, MI 20019, Italia


We supply Mercedes Benz original (genuine) products."

WE supply Volkswagen group original (genuine) products.

Magneti Marelli is an international company founded in Italy in 1919, committed to the design and production of hi-tech systems and components for the automotive sector, based in Italy (Corbetta, Milan).

Specialized in production of fuel pumps, lift pumps, fuel feed pumps, hand primers, fuel filters and repair kits for cars, construction machinery, agricultural tractors and other machinery, diesel engines, marine engines, light commercial vehicles, forklifts and others

MI.R.A. has been in the market of spare parts for more than 25 years. Since the first day, it has tried to cover all the weak spots of the aftermarket.

Nüral® offers an unrivaled range of 1,500 components, covering 4,500 engines ranging from small city cars to small-capacity gasoline to the latest high-powered diesel trucks and commercial vehicles. Rapid product development and the latest production techniques allow Nüral® to offer leading piston solutions.

Every year, OE Glyco® bearings are installed on over 10 million cars, marine and stationary engines, as well as agricultural and construction equipments.

As engine designers reduce CO2 emissions and extract more power from less fuel, traditional bearings struggle to cope with heavy loads and high temperatures. The Glyco® range of over 2,500 bearings, including main bearings, flanged and connecting rods, supports over 10,000 different engine applications. Innovative materials and designs offer significant benefits to aftermarket customers, including a long service life.

For over 100 years, Bosch has been powering race cars with leading-edge technology across the finish line.

Italian group, manufacturer of Clutches

Corteco is one of the leading suppliers of components for the Independent Automotive Aftermarket.  As a member of the global Freudenberg Group, CORTECO  supplies  over 20,000 products in OEM quality. Independent garages trust in CORTECO spare parts and therefore benefit from the original quality made by Freudenberg.

Italian manufacturer of Clutches, clutch kits, clutch plates, pressure plates , for cars, trucks and tractors.
E. SASSONE® has manufactured clutches since 1953, following step by step qualitative and technological evolution of the products. 
The factory moved from the hystorical seat in Turin to the new location in Monale d’Asti, where its productive unit and head office stand on a large area of 10.000 mq.


Italian manufacturer of carburettor spares.

Italian manufacturer of engine valves and guides. The company has a catalogue with a range of over 2500 types of valves and around 1000 types of valve guides, including ones manufactured upon specific request by sending samples or technical drawings. IVAM is able to meet the sector's all-round requirements thanks also to its exceptionally well-stocked warehouse and excellent value for money.

 www.valvoleivam.info (http://www.valvoleivam.info)

Thermostats for cars, trucks and tractors, Made in Italy or Germany
Original equipment supplier to many brands.

Production units covering an area of more than 50,000 square metres, state-of-the-art machinery and equipment, over 50 years of experience and a staff of high value are the key factors on which the strength of Imasaf is based, a Group successfully committed to producing mufflers and catalytic converters for the automotive market.

The OSRAV Alfeo Moret SpA is responsible for more than 40 years of solutions for the suspension of vehicles.

It started its activities in July of 1973 as a workshop specialized in the repair / regeneration of shock absorbers based in Vittorio Veneto. Subsequently OSRAV has extended its area of ​​expertise to other types of complementary accessories in the automotive sector.

Autopumps UK Ltd manufacture and distribute world-wide, a range of more than 400 popular oil pumps and repair kits for British and European applications. We fully engineer the range and own all the tools and drawings for the pumps, which are available ready finished from our large inventory in Milton Keynes.

High level of planning and qualitative European standards obligate us to use innovative and high quality components used also in first equipment such as the new impellers composed of steel engineering plastic and the same standards of the original product. New technology has been introduced covering all our range of products of the old generation water pumps prolonging the life span of it.

RAICAM places a heavy emphasis on the high quality, innovative, and dynamic nature of the range of products and services included in its portfolio. This focus on market leading, advanced automotive technology has allowed RAICAM to secure a position as a key supplier and partner to the global automotive industry.

Italian manufacturer of Stabiliser bars , Rubber and Rubber to Metal Bushes, Suspension Arms,
Clutch Pedal Quadrants, Axle and Steering Rubber Boots, Thermostat Flanges, Timing Chain Kits, Gear Rods and Accessories,
Wheel Hubs, Water Tanks, Gearbox Mounts, Engine Mounts, Strut Buffers, Steering and Suspension Ball Joints,
Axial Joints, Muffler Retaining, Suspension Bar Links, Water Hoses, Fuel Hoses

Today InterCar is one of the major players at a global level in the production of brake discs for motorcars, for both the first equipment and the After Market. It offers a complete service from Design Engineering through to the marking of finished products and the personalisation and management of packaging.

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